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Lion Lenci 1 year at FELIDA

Lion Lenci was rescued by FOUR PAWS from a private zoo in Albania, that was known as "Zoo from Hell". After his rescue, Lenci came to FELIDA Big Cat Centre.


Dehli enjoys spring time

Tigress Dehli is the oldest animal in our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. After the loss of her brother Rhadja, her enclosure was renovated so she will not be surrounded by the lions who are quite intimidating to her without Rhadja by her side. She enjoys the greenery and the new platforms.


FELIDA Big Cat Centre 2019

This was FELIDA Big Cat Centre 2019! It was a memorable year with exciting events like tiger Caruso moving to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa, and the arrival of lions Lenci, Bobby and Zhaku from Albania. We mourn the losses of some of our beloved animals, but every animal that we could save gives us the strength to continue.


Clicker training 

In the FOUR PAWS sanctuaries we do a lot of positive reinforcement trainings. These trainings have different goals, like trust-building training, animal transport training and medical training. In this video chief bear keeper Albana Hoti from our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina in Kosovo and animal caretaker Erin Liewes from FELIDA Big Cat Centre Explain more about these important trainings. 


Transport of Lenci, Bobby & Zhaku

The lions Lenci, Bobby and Zhaku were rescued by FOUR PAWS from a private zoo in Albania. In May 2019, they made the long journey home. A journey from 3,000 kilometres from Albania to FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands. 


Preparations for arrival of 3 new lions

After a long wait, we cannot wait to welcome the lions Lenci, Bobby and Zhaku at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. The team has prepared customised enclosures for them.


Enrichment for Rhadja & Dehli

A feel-good video: tigers Rhadja and Dehli enjoy their enrichment at FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 



Help us to urge the Albanian authorities to issue the transfer papers for Lenci, Bobby and Zhaku rescued from “Europe’s Worst Zoo”. We want to finally bring them to our FELIDA Big Cat Centre, but bureaucratic arbitrariness in Albania is standing in our way.


Caruso's journey

Oh, what a journey! Caruso was born in a German safari park, hand raised in a circus and dumped at inappropriate conditions in a small centre in the Netherlands. When we took over this centre in 2013, Caruso’s life finally started to change. But he still had a long (medical) journey ahead. The big cat never gave up, and neither did we. We are beyond proud that the once insecure and stressed tiger has grown into the beautiful, brave and secure tiger he is nowadays. When he was ready for the final, last step – the transport to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge – this was the icing on the cake. 


Flashback: the journey of Masoud & Terez

Masoud and Terez were born into horrible surroundings in Razgrad Zoo, a zoo in Bulgaria which also served as an illegal breeding station. Their mother abandoned them just hours after they were born and if it wasn’t for local activists, who took care of Masoud and Terez, they would have died. Last year, we were able to give the playful lion cubs a second chance at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 


Caruso's new chapter in life

In recent years we have brought 14 animals from FELIDA Big Cat Centre to LIONSROCK. Now it’s time for 12-year-old Caruso to fly to South Africa. After his rocky start in life, Caruso deserves a spacious and species-appropriate forever home. At our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, he will live in an enclosure of approximately one hectare, where he will have the opportunity to run, climb, swim in a big pool or hide behind trees and bushes. Let’s bring Caruso home - please support the journey of this beautiful and confident tiger!


The journey of Ivan-Asen

Ivan-Asen was born into horrible surroundings in Razgrad Zoo, a zoo in Bulgaria which also served as an illegal breeding station. Last year, we were able to give this special but traumatized lion a second chance at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 


Bring Ivan-Asen home

Ivan-Asen was kept under terrible conditions at Razgrad Zoo. FOUR PAWS was able to rescue him and temporarily house him at Sofia Zoo where he received emergency treatment. He is now strong enough to be moved to FELIDA Big Cat Centre where he will receive all the care he needs.


Masoud & Terez outside for the first time

The two 6-month-old lion cubs Masoud and Terez were released into their very own outdoor enclosure for the first time. Find out how they reacted to their new surroundings at FELIDA Big Cat Centre in this cute video.


The journey of Sultan & Sayeeda

Finally the time had come: tigers Sultan and Sayeeda arrived at their new home after a long journey. A few months ago, we successfully rescued them from Syria and brought them to a temporary safe place. Now they will receive the proper care to recover from their exhausting past at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 

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