Tigress Dehli at FELIDA



A life full of movements

Dehli is currently the only tiger and female big cat at FELIDA Big Cat Centre. But this does not bother her! In addition, Dehli is the only animal at FELIDA that was already living at the centre before FOUR PAWS took over the facility in 2013.

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From Germany to the Netherlands

The Bengal tigress Dehli was born in 2001 in a necessitous German zoo, together with her brother Rhadja. Here they were suckled not by their mother, but by a dog! When the owner stopped feeding the animals in 2010, a German animal welfare organisation came to the rescue and made sure Dehli and Rhadja were brought to Nijeberkoop in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, their lives didn’t improve much at first: the Bengal tigers lived in a very small enclosure without any enrichment.

FOUR PAWS first met the animals in late 2013, just before we took over the facility. The two relatively small and elegant tigers were hard to see, as they were locked in a small and barren cage in between thirteen other tigers, eight lions, a jaguar, a leopard and a Bengal cat. They were shy, stressed and did not receive any form of enrichment.

Positive turn 

When we took over the rescue center and named it FELIDA, their lives finally took a positive turn. How we saw them flourish over the years! They were provided with special care, proper food, medical treatments, enrichment, training and more space than they had ever known before. Their age was already advanced, but they enjoyed their lives fully.

Farewell Rhadja

In December 2019, Rhadja passed away at the age of 18 due to kidney failure. The first weeks after Rhadja's death, we noticed that Dehli was very restless. She really missed her big brother and buddy. She was looking for him everywhere and was very upset, Dehli clearly needed time to adjust and heal.

But thanks to intensive and specialised care for a few months in a row, Dehli was able to make an impressive recovery. We also made some very important adaptions to her enclosure so she is no longer surrounded by the lions: as she is physically not as strong anymore as she used to be, the presence of the lions near her became too much without Rhadja by her side. We also made her some new platforms and hiding places which she greatly enjoys. Thanks to these adaptions and the special care, Dehli feels much calmer and confident again. 


  • Born in Germany on August 30, 2001
  • A Bengal tiger
  • The only tiger at FELIDA and the only female big cat
  • Can be recognised by her short tail
  • Loves food (especially horse) and enrichment trainings
  • Sweet to her caretakers, but also stubborn
  • “Chufs” to people she likes